About the Strawberry♡Club

Q, What is the Strawberry♡Club like?
, This service was launched in November 2019 so that you can expand your range of activities in Smile Town with the purchase of paid coins and Happy Bags.

Players are ranked according to the total amount of purchases made per month starting from the 1st of the month until the end of the month.

Each rank has rewards that you can receive.

[SR Gacha Ticket] and Strawberry♡ Club only items are also available as cumulative benefits. Check the following for more information.


Q, Where can I check for more details about the Strawberry♡ Club?
, You can find it by going to the lower right corner of the screen [Menu] → [Strawberry ♡ Club] Or [Profile] → [Strawberry ♡ Club].



Q, I would like to know more about rewards__________2017-06-13_17.15.57.png
, Scroll through the Strawberry♡ Club screen to see the details of each rank.

If you moved up several ranks at once, you will receive all of the rewards up to your current ranking.

Example: When you go up from Strawberry Syrup to Strawberry Milk rank, you can receive all of the the benefits from Strawberry Cookie, Strawberry Macaron and Strawberry Milk ranks.


◆Strawberry Syrup (total purchase this month: 0.99 - 9.99 USD)
・Temporary Profile Background (5 types)
・50 coins
・EXP 30

◆Strawberry Cookie (total purchase this month: 10 - 49.99 USD)
・Strawberry Syrup Temporary Profile Background benefits continue♪ (5 types)
・100 coins
・EXP 50
・1 Party Set

・40 coins for gift shipping

◆Strawberry Macaron (total purchases this month: 50 - 99.99 USD)
・Strawberry Syrup Temporary Profile Background benefits continue♪ (5 types)
・150 coins
・EXP 100
・XL Plushie Probability Up Essence (1)

・40 coins for gift shipping

◆ Strawberry Milk (total purchases this month: 100 - 299.99 USD)
・Temporary Profile Background (10 types)
・Gacha Ticket (expiration date: 7 days)
・Energy 130
・1 Party Set

・30 coins for gift shipping

◆Strawberry Parfait (total purchases this month: 300 - 499.99 USD)
・Temporary Profile Background (20 types)
・2 Gacha Tickets (7 day expiration)
・Energy 150
・Convenient Watering 

・20 coins for gift shipping

◆Strawberry Cake (total purchases this month: 500 USD or more)
・Temporary Profile Background (31 types)
・2 SP Gacha Tickets (7 day expiration)
・Energy 200
・Recommended items (updated monthly / distributed during this month)

・10 coins for gift shipping


※ Rewards for each rank will be given accordingly.


Q, What do the Strawberry Bar and SP Strawberries show?
, The Strawberry Bar at the bottom of the [Strawberry♡Club] screen will increase according to purchases of paid coins and Happy Bags.
Unlike rankings, which are reset every month, the Strawberry Bar and the number of SP Strawberries do not get reset.
When the Strawberry Bar is full, you can get 1 SP Strawberry.
In order to get one SP Strawberry, purchases must value 300 USD.

In addition, you can get 1 SR 100% Gacha Ticket (14 day expiration) along with the acquisition of SP Strawberries.
If you collect SP strawberries, you will receive Strawberry♡Club limited items.
The total number of SP Strawberries collected is represented as [Total Number of SP Strawberries]



Q, How can I get strawberry♡ club-only items?
, If you collect a lot of SP Strawberries, you can get Strawberry♡Club only items depending on the number of items you collect.

  • 5 SP Strawberries: 'Creamy Strawberry Earrings'
  • 15 SP Strawberries: 'Royal Strawberry Crown'
  • 25 SP Strawberries: 'Royal Strawberry Dress'
  • 35 SP Strawberries: 'Creamy Strawberry Hair'
  • 45 SP Strawberries: "Fussy Strawberry Eye Makeup"

Tap the notebook icon on the bottom right of the [Strawberry♡Club] screen to display a pop-up.
Scroll through the [Strawberry♡Club Limited Items] column in the pop-up and tap on the thumbnail of the item you want to see to see the details of.



Q, Where can I check my profile change?__________2017-06-13_17.15.57.png
,[Strawberry♡Club] [Change profile] on the top of the screen, touch the button to display the list.
Tap on an item to see its details and corresponding rank.

Opaque items are currently locked due to rank.
Tap on an item to see what rank you need to achieve to unlock it.



Q, What is [Convenient Watering]?__________2017-06-13_17.15.57.png
, This is a privilege that you can use when your rank this month reaches Strawberry Parfait.
[Going out] → [Welcome back] Alternatively, you can tap [Following], and the [Convenient Watering] button will appear at the bottom left of the screen.
If you turn on the [Convenient Watering] function, you can automatically water your flowers.



Q,I'd like to know about the Strawberry Cake Special [Recommended Items]__________2017-06-13_17.15.57.png
, This is a special item that is available as a special bonus for this month only.
[Recommended Items] will be updated every month, so you can receive different items depending on the month.
Details of this month's recommended items are distributed monthly on the notification [Strawberry♡Club NEWS] in the app.
Notifications can be found at the bottom right of the screen [Menu] → [Notice] for more information.

Once you've reached the Strawberry Cake level, every time you spend an additional 1000 USD during the month, you will get another item as a bonus.